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As the facility service and cleaning experts, we pride ourselves on our reputation, our work and our commitment to our customers. Whether the task is small or large, we’re ready to help you. Below is a list of often-requested services that DCS provides along with our best advice on how often we recommend these services be performed. Well maintained facilities make for better productivity and a better customer experience, which benefits your bottom line. Take a look and see how DCS Facility Services can help you.

Facilities Services

Facility Types

With decades of experience, we are able to create a tailored service plan for many different types of facilities including:

  • Supermarkets
  • Airports
  • Commercial/Office Buildings
  • Retail Spaces
  • Box Stores
  • Warehouses

Have a unique facility? Let us know how we can help. When you contact us, we'll connect you with a representative that can meet with you, review your needs and create a maintenance plan specifically for you.

Available Services

We understand the importance of operating a clean and healthy environment within your organization for both your employees and your customers. With decades of experience, we’re with you and define a plan specifically for your needs and to get the job done.

  • General Daily Cleaning Service

    General Daily Cleaning Service

    To keep your facilities operational and running to your standards we recommend routine cleaning service tailored specifically to your needs.  This service may include:

    • Cleaning and sanitization of restrooms
    • Sweep, scrub, mop, and buff hard floor surfaces
    • Vacuuming and extracting carpets
    • Window cleaning
    • Low level dusting
    • Clean and sanitize all surfaces
    • Trash removal
    • Strip/seal/wax multiple floor surfaces
    • Sealing concrete floors

    Recommendations - We recommend an initial consultation and tour of your facilities with one of our service experts so that we can tailor a daily janitorial service package for your particular needs.

  • Flooring


    One of DCS Facility Services specialties is our floor care. Having had extensive experience with different types of floors, DCS is your partner in floor maintenance in any situation.

    • CONCRETE - General Cleaning, Stain Guard Protective Applications, Stain Removal, Industry-leading Concrete Polishing, Re-surfacing, Routine Maintenance
    • VCT TILE - Daily General Cleaning, Stain Removal, Strip/Seal/Floor Finish Application, Re-coat of Floor Finish
    • CARPET - Carpet Restoration, Extraction Deep Cleaning, "Host" Dry Carpet Cleaning, Low Moisture Encapsulation
    • WOOD - Refinishing Wood Surfaces from retail space to gymnasium floors, Color Staining
    • CERAMIC TILE - General Cleaning, Sealing of Grout, Refurbishing Surfaces

    Recommendations - Floor care is recommended as a regularly scheduled service based on traffic, and wear and tear. Our representatives are happy to meet with you to determine the frequency of service.

  • Supermarket Refrigeration Case Cleaning

    Supermarket Refrigeration Case Cleaning

    Highly interacted with, and depending on volume and product type, refrigeration cases require cleaning more often than the average public imagines to maintain sanitary conditions.

    • Removing product prior to cleaning
    • Deep cleaning & sanitation of interior and exterior of refrigeration case
    • Preforming minor repairs
    • Restocking after cleaning

    Recommendations - We recommend this service be part of your routinely scheduled maintenance to be conducted every 6 to 12 months depending on type of refrigeration cases, store conditions, volume and traffic in your store.

  • Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Cleaning

    High level of volume, traffic and conditions again make this cleaning necessary to maintain a clean and sanitary environment.

    • De-icing walk-in freezers
    • Removal of ice and dirt build up on all surfaces
    • Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and fixtures

    Recommendations - Depending on ice and dirt buildup we believe this should also be a routinely scheduled procedure, the timing of which can be decided on by the facility and DCS Facility Services representative. Service can also be scheduled on an as-needed basis.

  • High Level Dusting

    High Level Dusting

    Difficult to accomplish during business hours, this is a specialized service that adds to the general welfare of your employees and customers by removing allergens such as dust and dirt that build up over time in difficult-to-reach places. In addition it increases the efficiency of HVAC units and brightens the interior of buildings.

    • High Level Dusting typically is 10ft. to 30ft. above floor, performed by various means
    • Removing dust and debris on all upper level fixtures and structures - Lights Fixtures, Ducts & vents, Piping, Cross-members, Fire Walls, High Racking & Netting, Window Seals, Walls, Ceiling Fans

    Recommendations - This should be a routinely scheduled service. Depending on type of business, outside environment, etc. we recommend every 6, 12 or 18 months.

  • Ceiling and Wall Cleaning and Restoration

    Depending on the type of facility, caring for the ceiling and walls is an important element to overall health and sanitation.  Additionally, regular cleaning will extend the lifetime of your ceiling system, remove allergens, and brighten your facilities with little to no impact on business operations.

    • Ceiling Pro custom formulated chemicals, professional equipment and unique cleaning techniques are used
    • Allergens are removed
    • Brightness is restored to the facility
    • Experts in cleaning a variety of surfaces: Acoustical tiles, vinyl surfaces, cloth covered walls and ceilings, open beam and popcorn ceilings
    • Services designed for a variety of facilities including food service, hospitals, schools, industrial manufacturing, airports, restaurants and office buildings

    Recommendations - Based on condition and type of surface, cleaning is recommended every 6 months.

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Tile and grout are often used in high-traffic areas.  Keeping tile and grout clean and sanitized is an important service we offer our customers.

    • Deep clean grouted tile floors, cove base and walls
    • Removal of stains and dirt buildup in grout and tile texture
    • Seal applications to protect grout and tile

    Recommendations - Based on use and traffic, we recommend a deep tile and grout cleaning every 3 to 6 months.

  • Concrete Polishing/Grinding

    Concrete Polishing/Grinding

    Polished concrete is quickly becoming the floor of choice for retailers, restaurants, municipal buildings and public arenas. To meet this industry trend, DCS Facility Services has developed state-of-the-art techniques that result in extremely durable, safe and low maintenance high-gloss floors.

    • Basic cleaning and maintenance
    • Concrete Polishing
    • Stain removal
    • Sealing
    • Maintenance coating application
    • Stain guard protection
    • Smoothing rough and worn surfaces

    Recommendations - Based on use and wear and tear, we recommend concrete maintenance services on a 3 to 6 months basis.

  • Cart Cleaning and Repair Service

    Cart Cleaning and Repair Service

    Carts are often the first impression your shoppers will have of your store, and because of high use and weather conditions they are easily damaged and in need of sanitizing.

    • Steam cleaning and sanitizing all cart surfaces
    • Greasing wheels and aligning carts
    • Replacing damaged/missing wheels, gates, seats, handles, etc.
    • Repairing/replacing a variety of locking wheels

    Recommendations - We recommend Quarterly or Bi-Yearly Cleaning. Depending on the outside elements, cart usage, age of carts, and store volume frequency may vary.

  • Supermarket New Store Cleaning

    Supermarket New Store Cleaning

    This service is very important to the successful launch of your business. This is comprehensive and is designed to let you focus on one of your most important days: the opening of your business.

    • Cleaning of all surfaces of new construction
    • Removing all debris from construction and preparation
    • Strip/seal/wax VCT tile
    • Sealing concrete slabs
    • Sealing tile and grout
    • High/low level dusting
    • Refrigeration case cleaning
    • Walk-in cooler and freezer cleaning

    Recommendations - To be conducted on an as-needed basis.

  • Construction Cleaning

    During construction it is important to operate a clean and safe work site, while protecting the owner’s investment. Prior to turning the building over to the owner, a complete detail cleaning may be required.

    • Removal of debris throughout construction site
    • Application of protective coating on floor surfaces to protect during construction
    • Sweep/scrub/mop floor surfaces regularly
    • Low/high dust (walls, fixtures, cross members/ducts, light fixtures, etc.) Removal of protective coating on floor surface
    • Application of final protective floor finish

    Recommendations - Depending on timing and project type we recommend this service at regular intervals ranging from daily to weekly.

  • Roof Drain Cleaning

    Routine Roof Drain Cleaning is necessary to prevent backups, clogged scuppers and spouts. Periodic cleaning of drain is an added protection to prevent excessive costs during heavy rains and spring snow melts.

    • Removal of all debris that can be safely hand-carried from the roof
    • Removal of debris that has accumulated around drain covers, scuppers and spouts
    • Inspection and reporting of general conditions

    Recommendations - We recommend Quarterly or Bi-Yearly Cleaning. Depending on the outside elements, frequency may vary.